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From the intagible to the tanglible

A compilation of visual works in movement that falls within the realm of experimental cinema and video performance art in short to medium length, had been collected in order to explore the subjects of intangibility and tangibility. Taking as reference the context of the Independent Art Publishing Fair VOLUMES 2015 Zurich; The selection of the videos compiles a potential diversity of perspectives in visualizing the performatic action when producing something from the symbolic to the corporality as a conduct to the materialisation. They not necessarily illustrate aspects of Intangibility and tangibility as a subject but rather evoke in their aesthetic, discourses, and mix of techniques the transitional aspects of materializing ideas from the symbolic to the real. From the wishes and desires to the corporeal, solid and concrete. From the gestural performativity to the materialized meaning. From the sensorial conscious or unconscious, perceived or imagined to the perceptible to the touch, palpable, physical and substancial. The Experimental Video Screening is divided in 3 sections at 3 different times on Friday 27.11 & Saturday 28.11 at VOLUMES 2015

SELECTED VIDEO ARTISTS: Mirjam Landolt CH Eli Stevick US Gregory Hayman UK Bjoern Drenkwitz DE Katerina Samara GR Liliane Puthod FR Moritz Wille CH Evariste Maiga CH Emilie McDermott FR/US Jonathan Ospina CO Fredy Solano Poker SV José Porras MX Ala Abu Asad PS Oscar Díaz SV/USA Anna Mikhailova PL Iris Pshedezki IL Mario Molina GT Joël Noël CH Michel Kessler CH Kleoni Manoussakis GR Andrea Dardón GT David Zender CH Stephan Theurich DE Emily Radosavljevic RS Jorge Linares GT Roisin Beirne IE Louisa Zahareas GR Mauricio Sáenz MX Felipe Mujica CL/US Livio Baumgartner CH Eduardo Makoszay Mayen MX Paco Quijada ES/DE Jason Mena MX/PR Romeo Gongora & Rosa Berardo GT CA /BR Eder Castillo MX Danielle Zorbas AU Max Grau DE Monalisa Ali JO/CA Ernesto Bautista SV Elīna Spura BE Noah Oliel CH Roland Farkas SK Veronique Simar FR/GT Sérgio Augusto BS/ SE Magdalena Cernadas AR Mauricio Kabistan SV Carol Neumann, Ivan Chiarelli & Victor Negri BS Laura Focarazzo AR Hanna Husberg FI/SE Asha Tamirisa US Melissa Guevara SV Jorge Oswald CO Crack Rodriguez SV Chloé Jean Richard CH Ice trip & Victor Martínez MX Catarina Sosa AR Bene Andrist CH Tara Mahapatra US/DE

FROM THE INTANGIBLE TO THE TANGIBLE Curated by Anne Brand Galvez Committee of Selection Jorge Oswald, Visual Artist

The Curating Agency /ASGSV

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