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Do artists work?

Video, Sion, 2017

Being asked many times if I consider art as work, I decided on the occasion of my exhibition "Le goût de la mémoire" to make a video of my working hours related to the setting up of the exhibition. I wanted to share with the public my working hours, habits, conditions, etc.The 34 hours included in this video are of course just the last part of a very time consuming and demanding task, which was about conceptualizing and preparing this exhibition. Even if I knew that the grant that I received wouldn't cover my expenses of the materials, the events and my working hours, I asked to do it because this is what young artists do.

Should we continue like this? Is this the correct way or not? Should we consider as labor hours these 34 hours that are shown on the video? All these questions are here just to mention that there are many practical issues about art life that we should talk about.

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