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Κεντημένες Μνήμες / Embroidered Memories

Sierre 2014


Embroidered Memories is a book based on stories of my family as women of the family preserved and trasmitted to me. As on the family there is tradition of embroidery, those memories are somehow another niddle work of them.

Issues about gender, history, tradition, death and loss, memory and oblivion, work and craft, dramatic facts and everyday scenes come to the surface throught the stories, ultimately pointing at the issue of the purpose of life and therefore of art. This text belongs together with my earlier and future works as guide of my concerns, my requests, my research and finaly my work.

Special Edition: 16 books, 8 in greek and 8 in english, with embroidered cover. Each cover is part of the family tree which represent in the book.

IMG_8256 copy
IMG_8287 copy mikro
IMG_8326 copy
IMG_8347 copy 2
IMG_8331 copy
IMG_8330 copy
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