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Artist's statement

My work turns around memory, personal and collective history and their influence to identity’s construction. To make visible my points of view, I use various mediums such as photography, video, writing, thread installations in situ and embroidery. My colorful installations approach each theme with sensitivity, respect, curiosity and a wish of sharing that make public embrace them. Each installation in situ is made from the same DMC threads that the company provided me at the begging of my career, which I refold at the end of each exhibition. This practice not only obliges me to invest time during the creation of an installation but also to take time to demolish it and grieve each project. I find this process very relieving in an era that everything moves fast. At the same time, this practice helps me to economize on material and on production of art’s rubbish, as I strongly believe that art should be as ecological and sustainable as it can. My installations remain alive at visitors’ memories and provide them a link to my next work. Art gives me the podium to create a dialog with the public about subjects that concern me. In order to follow the changes of our world, I feel the need to be a socially engaged artist, thus through art I create a liaison between the society and myself.

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