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Mon alphabet

Installation in situ à Villa Dutoit, Genève

My alphabet is the result of a recherche on the traditions, the origines and the language. This installation in situ is made by one kilometre of embroidery threads of DMC, connected with a typical embroidery of the island of Karpathos. The installation invite the public to explore the artist's universe: her language, the stories of her family as well as her familiar objects. It occupies a room of Villa Dutoit, Geneva, like spider's web, on which the letters are captivated. As the alphabet is a tool of the language, an object of everyday life can also be a tool with which we can made our own alphabets, our own languages, our own stories.

The embroidery of the installation is made by Mariella Korakaki Samara at Athens in 1983. The original embroidery is part of the collection of Museum of Folklore Art in Athens.

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