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Barber Shop

Ephemeral Installation in situ in the context of Triennale du Valais, Turtmann 2014


In an abandoned Barber Shop, a group of students of MAPS (Master of Art in Public Spheres) of ECAV (Ecole Cantonale d' Art du Valais) explore the space and ask questions about the maintainance of history and the reconstruction of the social structures of the past.

My personal intervention to the space were based on my research about memory. The abandoned Barber Shop, as well as, the house above it, had the traces of the people who lived and worked there. What could be on those empty frames? What pictures could decorate this catholic place in the middle of mountains? With treads and nails i tried to recreate a possible answer to these questions and to show the fragility of human traces and the possibility to lost or misinterpreted by futures generations.


site of Triennale

catalogue of Triennale



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