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La Dame aux Camélias en sa robe de mariée 

Ephemeral Installation, in the context of Sensitive Contructions, Sierre 2013


When I showed her photograph where she was wearing a wedding dress she told me "Oh! Yes... I went downstairs where all the men of the family and friends were waiting for me, A. Asteriadis told me "you look beautiful, but too simple for a bride" so I told him "wait a minute". I added some flowers on my hair and in told him "look, now i'm a real Dame aux Camélias". 

In the context of Sensitive Constructions in Sierre, I chose a discreet place near the train station of the city, where people cross by, but never stop. In a kind of "window" I created the figure of my grand-mother from a picture of her second wedding by using nails and treads. The installation was invisible for people who just passed by the parking lot and visible only for those who passed infront of it.

Η κυρία με τις καμέλιες φορώντας το νυφικό της

Εφήμερη εγκατάσταση στα πλαίσια του Sensitive Contructions, Sierre 2013



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