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When "le goût de la mémoire" became a memory

The exhibition "le goût de la mémoire" (taste of memory) was up for 2 months. The project started long time ago and finally came to life after a 34-hours delivery.

Lots of things happened during its life: a speed tasting, a cinema at plate, conversations during food consuming, stories exchanges, etc.

This exhibition wouldn't be complited without a last food sharing. Its very last day, I cooked for the staff of the restaurant. What an experience to cook for professionals! At the same time, what an experience to share your culinary memories with the people who inspired you, but also who lived and worked on your exhibition!

I was very happy to prepare for them food that wasn't familiar to them. I was even more happy to see their preparation of the table! How much effort, time and care! At the end of their service, some of them help me to take appart the installation.

This sad process that I normally do alone, it takes a lot of time but it gives me also the opportunity to digest the end, somehow the death, of my work. This time it was quick and less heavy, as everything that you share it with friends or family... Of course, later that night the mourning process started but all new experiences that I gained during the last two years made it easier and worthy.

To me, "le goût de la mémoire" isn't dead. It's a project that will just started its journey...

I wish it good luck! :)

Thank you, all of you who supported me, push me and inspired me!

Above and below: What left of the "taste of memory"

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